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We're building flexible video chat for both live and asynchronous communication. The workplace is changing and our tools need to look beyond recreating the conference room.

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We believe in a future of flexible, remote, asynchronous work. Communication tools for this new "workplace" will need to blend fast, real-time communication and asynchronous messages. In a distributed workforce, you can't expect everyone to be on your schedule.

Today's tools are still rooted in re-creating the conference room and physical offices -- they often have trouble translating the spontaneity of incidental conversations, unscheduled brainstorming sessions, building rapport with co-workers, or just catching up about non-work topics over lunch.

At Tribe, we're focused on building tools for this new style of work and workplace to make work more effective and efficient.

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That's great to hear! We're seeding Tribe to a small group of beta users right now. Please fill out the form at the link above, and tell us a bit more about your team and how you currently use video tools.

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