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Tribe Highlights

Face-to-face with a click

No more scheduling, no more links. Just click on the person you want to talk to and have a video conversation that very moment.

Presence at a glance

Remember looking up from your desk and seeing who's around? Get back a sense of belonging and create serendipity.

Instant video recordings

No more waiting for meetings to share important information. Instantly record and share your ideas with your team.

Never miss a meeting

Forget to join Zoom or not online at the moment? Tribe calls you on your mobile when your client or boss calls.

Built from the ground up for high-performance teams that care about productivity and world-class culture!

Calendar Integration

Connect your Calendar to keep track of any outside meetings and events! Join Zooms and Meets with one click without hunting for links.

Enterprise-grade security

SSO, HIPPA, and more. We make sure your data and privacy is protected.

Instant messaging

Put your typing to good use. Efficient, organized team chat helps you and your team work better together.

Collaborative Spaces

Create places for your team to connect on fun topics and discuss projects making it easier than ever to build great culture.

Monitor your team without feeling it

Bosses get back butts-in-seats and productivity. Workers create mutual accountability and support.

Have your team self-police

It's easy to slack when nobody sees you come into the office.

Tribe busy interface
Getting Started is Easy! 

Stupid easy conversations

1-1 Calls
Chat, start calls, or join them with just one click.

Invite anyone in your tribe to talk in a space with a single click, or copy the link and share with anyone else - it's frictionless.

Join with your phone
Use your phone and be part of the conversation no matter where you are. Have Tribe ring you on your phone in case you forget that important call.

Video CALLS That ALlow for True Connection

Control your conversation

Sharing Screens
Sharing ideas and concepts has never been easier. Video and presentations are lag free and frictionless with Tribe.

Are you tired of boring meetings on Zoom that don't allow you to express yourself? Tribe emoji reactions and stickers that allow you to have fun and stay proactive in meetings.

ECO Mode
Protect your data on go when using mobile hot spot or when your wifi can't keep up! Never have a call drop again by running out of data! 

Incognito Mode
Protect yourself during private conversations with Incognito Mode. Speak to who you need to without anyone else knowing.

Tribe call interface on mobile
Tribe interface
Save time and Work Better Together

Stay connected

Share & Message
Reconnect on the topic you spoke using the worlds fastest file sharing and video screen recording on the market. Say goodbye to Loom and hello to better workflow. Create micro-interactions that improve creativity and reduce meeting fatigue.

Tribe Sidebar
Check you teams presence at a glance with our sidebar. No more wondering if someone is showing up or double dipping at work. Build a culture of productivity, team focus, and trust.

Enterprise-grade security
We have you covered no mater the topic your privacy and security is our may concern. Tribe video is HIPPA ready.

What Leaders & trail blazers are saying about TRibe


No more Links!

Tribe makes it so easy to start meetings. No Google Meet or Zoom links. It's fluid and I can offer someone feedback on their code via a quick, instant conversation - with no friction or anxiety.

Tom Ruddick, Head of Engineering |
Easy to use!

“Tribe has made our communication much easier. Now I feel like my colleagues can be present to help me learn and do my work - but without invading my space.”

Kaoli Jasso, UX Researcher | Torre

“I like how Tribe isn’t formal like Zoom. It’s easy to ping a colleague to see if they’re free - with no need to schedule or send a Zoom link over.”

Shomik Ghosh, Partner | Boldstart VC
True Remote Office!

“Tribe provides our ‘presence’. Sure, it's a video chat platform; but you can see and hop into active conversation topics - which recreates ‘Hey, I overheard you talking about this topic', from our old office days.”

Jacob Biesinger, Software Developer |
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Pricing Plans

Welcome to video communication freedom built for remote teams by remote teams! 


Experience presence and productivity gains for your team, with the option to upgrade anytime. Includes 14 day unlimited trial!

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Meetings up to 30 minutes per meeting

Up to 100 participants in calls

Team Chat

One Click Video Chat

Magic Sidebar

Mobile App

2 min limit on video & Audio messaging


Unlock full-productivity for your team. Unlimited calls and collaboration!

$6.5 / per month a seat (yearly price)
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Unlimited Ad-free calls

Up to 500 participants in calls

Cloud Screen Share & Recording

Incognito mode

Unlimited spaces

Unlimited video messaging length

HD Video Calls


For enterprise and healthcare companies that need that special extra, we've got you covered.

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Unlimited Meeting Time

Whiteboard Unlimited & Plus

Unlimited Team Chat

SSO, HIPPA, and more

Host Webinars &  Live Sale Events

Live Stream to Twitch & Youtube

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