Finally, a communication platform that’s designed for remote teams

Build a high-performance remote work culture - with a clear view of your team’s presence and a faster, more flexible set of tools to talk and get things done.

  • Boost your team’s productivity, interaction, and cohesion
  • Check your team’s presence in the desktop totem and mobile app
  • Experience instant video and chat - no more Zoom links
  • Share video messages and screen shares to watch later
  • Reduce admin and awkward calendar events
  • Accessible to all - from smartphone users to knowledge workers

Tribe makes it so easy to start meetings. No Google Meet or Zoom links. It's fluid and I can offer someone feedback on their code via a quick, instant conversation - with no friction or anxiety.

Tom Ruddick, Head of Engineering |

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Your remote team deserves a better way to work online

None of your apps were designed for remote work. That’s why you battle invitations, get held hostage to your own calendar - and struggle to get work done with your teammates.

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Workflow suffers with traditional video apps

Our tools are tiring. Zoom meetings feel invasive and disrupt deep work. They lurk our calendars and threaten our creative flow.

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Connection feels formal - and lacks spontaneity

Meetings are friction. Links and invitations kill countless quick questions, micro-interactions - and valuable opportunities to share.

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Remote teams struggle to feel a sense of presence

Humans are social. Remote work makes us unable to glance around our tribe - or office - to sense nearby people and conversations.

Tribe call interface on mobileTribe interface


Build a high-performance remote work culture

Everyone wants to achieve more. Get more done in a collaboration platform that promotes human interaction - yet protects the ability to dive into uninterrupted deep work sessions.

  • 🏣 Make remote work feel like being in an office
  • ⏰ Spend more time in deep work - without distractions
  • 🚀 Build your tribe on a remote-first platform

“Tribe has made our communication much easier. Now I feel like my colleagues can be present to help me learn and do my work - but without invading my space.”
Kaoli Jasso, UX Researcher | Torre


Tap your team-mate’s shoulder - anywhere on earth

Conversation should be flexible. Talk and solve problems faster with communication tools that were actually designed for remote work - from fixed office hours to any timezone on earth.

  • 💬 Free your team from tiresome meeting links
  • 🌍 Make communication fluid and flexible - anywhere
  • 🎁 Get unlimited members and calls as standard

“I like how Tribe isn’t formal like Zoom. It’s easy to ping a colleague to see if they’re free - with no need to schedule or send a Zoom link over.”
Shomik Ghosh, Partner | Boldstart VC

Tribe presence functionalityTribe busy interface
Tribe interfaceTribe interface


Give your remote team instant presence - with Tribe

Teams belong together. Check your Tribe sidebar for an instant sense of your team’s availability. Talk in real-time, send video messages that anyone can watch later - and discuss dedicated topics in Spaces.

  • ✨ Get instant presence in your Tribe totem and mobile app
  • ⚡ Communicate faster - even across timezones
  • 💬 Explore and tackle key topics in Tribe Spaces

“Tribe provides our ‘presence’. Sure, it's a video chat platform; but you can see and hop into active conversation topics - which recreates ‘Hey, I overheard you talking about this topic', from our old office days.”
Jacob Biesinger, Software Developer |

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Get Tribe on any device

It’s time to kiss goodbye to meeting links. Forever.

Download Tribe for your smartphone or computer.

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Take Tribe calls from anyone in your browser

Share a link that anyone outside your organization can use to join a meeting.
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Build your Tribe - today

Just download the Tribe app to get started.

You can unlock a high-performance remote culture.

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Startups can scale faster and eliminate countless awkward calendar events

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Enterprise teams can collaborate across continents and timezones

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Deskless workforce - got smartphones? Your team can use Tribe.


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Tribe makes communication feel fluid and seamless - it’s ideal for remote work.

Nicolás Anzellini, CEO at Cardoist

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