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Our Story

It's begins at Stanford, where the d.school has been a pioneer in user experience design. In 2016, while serving as the CEO of Bunny Inc., Alex took an executive class at the Stanford University Leadership Program where students had to propose a solution to a big problem. The challenge - how to help people engage better in remote teams.

He ran all over the Stanford campus talking with students and faculty as potential users. What he learned was contradictory: people want the flexibility to work where and when they want, and at the same time people want to feel like they are part of a group or tribe on demand - only when they want. Also, they want to be able to quickly switch back and forth between those two modes.

Alex and Tomás co-founded Tribe to solve that contradiction and build the best communication experience for humanity. They met in 2013 at the Runway co-working space  at the Twitter building in San Francisco. After working together on a couple projects, the idea behind Tribe sparked in 2018. Initial development started as a side project to scratch their own itch - improve communication within their remote companies.

2020 saw most teams across the planet going remote. Writing from his home in Napa, Alex published Remoter: The why-and-how guide to building successful remote teams. The timing was perfect to bring Tribe to the world - we officially incorporated and started working full time to build the best, most human communicator for modern teams.

Our Philosophy

The shift to remote work hasn’t been a smooth one. Teams have traded convenience at the expense of what makes them human: their culture, their soul. When we worked together in person, we could look around and feel like we belonged to something bigger than a lonely home office. Today, teams are stuck in meeting hell, trying to figure out which link to use when, or forced to live in VR or simulated office maps. People and time are being wasted and we’re not building what matters. In the past, we used to tap someone on their shoulder to ask a quick question or get feedback. We used to instantly join interesting conversations to build knowledge and generate ideas.

At Tribe, we believe in the power of human connection and how it enables people to spend their time in the best, most meaningful way. Deep work paired with microinteractions - spontaneous and instant conversations with others - spark novel ideas, unlocks productivity, and maintains momentum. Tribe is a new way of communication - it’s human and efficient. Tribe enables thoughts to be shared as they happen, and for your team’s presence to be conveyed at a glance. We also know that each team is different and there’s no perfect way to communicate, so we’ve built the best real-time and asynchronous channels, all in one experience. From instant and expressive calls that scale from 1:1s to hundreds of people, to unified and frictionless messaging - all one click away and without limits. Tribe works everywhere - mobile, tablet, desktop, and web with a fun and delightful experience.

Meet our founders

With over fourty years of combined remote experience, they set out to create the best communicator for modern teams. Tribe is the result.